Our Screen Repair Services

We offer a wide range of screen repair services, our services are not only limited with cell phone repairs but we also provide different other repair services like laptop repairs and car keys cutting and programming.
Our team of talented repair technicians can find a suitable solution for any device that our customers want us to fix. Below is the list of services that we provide. If you are looking for a service that is not listed below, you could always ask our team members.

Screen replacement for your cell phones

Screen Repair

Dropped your phone and broke your screen? Broken screen not allowing you to see the beautiful moments shared on your social media? Broken phones may make you feel awkward to take your phone out in public. Now you don’t have to feel ashamed for your broken cell phone. Our any kinds of screen repair services will replace your broken screen with a 6 months of warranty. Replacing the screen does not even take much time, we will turn your broken phone into a brand new phone in just less than 30 minutes. Get your quote for the screen repair now. 

laptop repair

Laptop Repair

Your assignment is due and your laptop stops functioning? You exactly don’t know what the problem is? Want to upgrade your laptop but don’t know how to do it?  Don’t get worried, instead get it fixed by our team of experts. We provide services like laptop screen repair, screen replacement, laptop servicing, data recovery and many more. Just get the quote for your laptop and get it repaired soon with a minimum warranty of 6 months. 

car key cutting and programming

Car Keys cutting and Programming

Having problems with your car keys? Lost one of your keys and don’t have a spare key? Problems with the car keys has always been very annoying.  Well now you can program your car Keys and even make a new set of keys. Our team of experts has been delivering car keys cutting and programming services at a very reasonable price and we deliver our services to the client in a quick time.  Our team can fix almost  keys for every models and every make. Get your quote for your car keys cutting and programming now.

Screen replacement

Water Damage

You were too eager to dive into the beach to beat the summer heat but forgot to take your cell phone out? Well, don’t worry we fix water damaged cell phones. Our success rate for fixing a water damaged phone depends on the amount of water split in it and the early precautions taken prior to bringing it to us. However, you can always ask one of our friendly team members and our team members will help you out with your water damaged cell phone. 

Cell phone rescue

Software Repair

As your phone gets old software can be slow, laggy and freezes permanently.  You probably have problem with the software and might need to update it. Hardware problems could easily be seen and we exactly know what the problem is. But it is different with the software problems. Cell phone rescue apart from screen repair services offers a range of services to fix your cell phone with software issues. You can get a quote for your software issues and get it fixed at Cell Phone Rescue. 

Mobile phone accessories

Phone Accessories

Bought a new phone and want to protect your phone but could not find the best case/cover for your phone? We offer different cases and covers for all the cell phone models which will help to increase the lifespan of your phone. Cell phone accessories not only help to protect your cell phone but also helps to make your phone look more fashionable and cool. We offer a wide range of cell phone accessories including phone covers, screen guards, airpods, car holders and chargers.