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Car key cutting and coding

Car key cutting and coding

Our team of experts can program your new car keys or car key cutting if they’re lost or damaged. Losing or misplacing your car key can be inconvenient, if not downright frightening, especially if it’s your only copy. The good news is that when the time comes, you may take advantage of our car key replacement services and make yourself an extra copy. We at Cell Phone Rescue provide a quick car key replacement service so your car can get back on the road as soon as possible. Now you must be wondering about the cost of car key replacement. Firstly, if you already have your original car key it’ll be very effortless to make a copy in a short amount of time. 

Today we will explain why you need a spare car key. And, how you can get one by car key cutting and coding service around Sydney!

We have already helped thousands of our clients. And, we are giving you the exact reason for the need for spare car keys. Read the blog until last to know about the importance of a spare car key. Also, know how you can get a spare car key via car key cutting and coding.

Car Key Cutting and Coding in Sydney

Let’s begin!

Firstly, every car manufacturer provides additional car keys to every car. Secondly, the keys are small and we are at a high risk to lose them. We all have been in a situation where we have lost our original keys. Thereafter, we have been forced to use the spare keys. What if you even lose your spare key? This could probably be the worst nightmare for anyone who only has a single key. However, having a bunch of spare keys will fix this nightmare. You can easily get additional spare keys via car key cutting and coding services.

Car keys cutting and coding are not as difficult as it sounds. Cell Phone Rescue has provided car key cutting and coding services since 2018 and served thousands of customers already.

Breaking Window is a FAD, Instead go for Car Key Cutting and Coding

Have you ever been bumped into a Youtube video where people are trying to open their locked door using different techniques? The worst it could get is you will have to break the glass of the window to get inside your car. This seems to be really costly and could even cause you injuries. The best solution would be to get a spare key that could come in handy in emergency times.

Here are some common questions that come into the mind of car owners when they think of making spare keys for their car:

How to make a spare key for your Car?

You all may be wondering what would you need to make a new set of car keys. The answer is simple. All you need is the existing key to your car. The keys are cut to give them a perfect shape. After the keys get their shape, the key is then coded according to your model so that it won’t affect the automatic functions of your car keys. Even if you have both of your keys, the keys are not functioning. Moreover, it could probably be a dead battery, or your keys need to be recorded.

Car key cutting and coding will help you get all the features of your keys, and you will not have to get to your door to open it. Once the coding of your key is done, you can open the doors with just a click of your key.

Car key cutting near me and coding, though the words may seem sophisticated, the actual work is effortless and very cost-effective. The team of experts at cell phone rescue could fix almost all the keys of every car and every model. 

Cost of Car Keys Replacement

We offer car key cutting as well as car key replacement at a very affordable price. The cost of a car key replacement started from $149. Also, the cost of car key replacement varies according to the model, make, and type of car. A simple car key is easier to make than automatic keys that require chips. The chips need to be paired with your car or replaced for the car’s safety which required professional help.  Making a replacement of your car key required the knowledge of experts. Our car key replacement service has been taken by many customers and we can assure you that there will be no place left to complain. 

Car key replacement cost is inexpensive and safe. It’s essential to make copies of your car key and use them so you don’t lose your original keys. 


How much does it cost to replace a car key?

The cost to replace a car key can vary based on the type of key needed and the model of your car. We offer car key replacement services starting from $149 for basic car key replacement. However, the price can go up to $500 or above to make copies of advanced keys. 

How can I contact you to get a replacement key for my car?

If you want to get a replacement for your car keys or make a copy of it but know how to. We’re guaranteed to provide you with the best services for car key replacement. With the knowledge of our experts in this field, we’ll craft you the best copy for your cart keys. 

Will the new keys be as good enough as the old ones?

Most people might wonder if the new spare key would be just as perfect as the original keys. The answer for that would be a “Yes”, with all the new technologies the new keys would be excellent. Hence, it would work just as if it was the original key.

Does Cell Phone Rescue replace car keys?

Yes, Cell Phone Rescue does replace car keys. We provide very reliable services and inexpensive copies of your car key. Getting your car key replaced by us won’t cost an arm and a leg because our services are very cost-effective. 

They say “better be safe than sorry”, so if you drive with just a single car key, rush yourself to cell phone rescue, which is located at Auburn, and get yourself new spare car keys. Give your car a new gift and use all of the features that are inbuilt with it.